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Introduction to Office Starter 2010

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is a simplified, ad-funded version of Microsoft Office 2010 that comes pre-loaded and ready to use on your computer. Office Starter includes the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel Starter 2010 and the word processing program Microsoft Word Starter 2010. Office Starter also enables you to create a device you can use to run Office Starter on another computer, when you are away from the computer you usually use. Overview of Office Starter Office Starter 2010 comes pre-loaded on your computer, but it is not available until you click Microsoft Office 2010 in the Windows Start menu and then click the option to use Office Starter. Office Starter 2010 looks very similar to Office 2010. If you are new to the Ribbon interface or the Backstage view, Office Starter gives you … Read entire article »

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