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How to set the shortcut key

Step 1, set a new word document, select tool, macro and record a new macro, in the dialog box of macro, you can type in the macro name. Then click on the tool bar button again, in the dialog box of order, you can drag the Normal. NewMacros. Macrol to the word tool bar. Then exit. Step 2, then there will be a small window which named as recording macro. At this time, we need to record the detailed signature. Then when we are recording the macro, we can click on it and stop recording. Thus we have add all of the signature macro. Step 3, then select tool, macro and record new macro, select the macro name we just record, them click on the keyboard icon again. And switch the icon … Read entire article »

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In the word, how could we input emphasis mark?

When we are using the word, it is really inconvenient to use the emphasis marks. You can finish it in the font dialog box, it is really troubled to operate it. According to the study of the web page, it is really convenient to input the marks of emphasis, then we need to add a button of emphasis marks. Click on “tools/custom”, open the dialog box of “custom”, select the TAB of order in the dialog box of custom. Then select the option of all orders in the list box, then select the order of DotAccent in the right list box. Drag the order of “DotAccent” to the form toolbar, at this time there will be a button of ABC in the form. … Read entire article »

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Some tips in office

    1. Cancel Office assistant Right click on the icon of office assistant, choose the order of option in the pop up shortcut menu. And choose option TAB in the interface of office assistant, cancel the check box of using office helper.   2. Cancel the function of automatically replacing hyperlink Select the menu order of tool and auto correct, in the pop up interface, you can choose the TAB of automatic using the format when input. And cancel the check box of replace Internet and net path as hyperlink.   3. Cancel the checking of spelling and grammar In default, do the automatic spelling checking when you are input, and red waving lines mean the spelling problems, and green wave underline means the grammar problems. The method of canceling it should be choose the menu and option, … Read entire article »

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In Excel, the method of batch adding hyperlink at home

You can input B4  = INDIRECT ($A4 &! “” F” & COLUMN (), then pull right and pull down. In the first table, you can build a content, you can quote several cell table content in every line. B4 = ’1′! F2, C4 = ’1′! F3, D4 = ’1′! F4… After setting up this line, how to set the following lines is as bellow, B4=’2′! F2、C4=’2′! F3、D4=’2′! F4 B4=’3′! F2、C4=’3′! F3、D4=’3′! F4 That is, after dragging down the cell table, it will automatic add the work cell table number, not the cell table number. On the basis of the above, in the same way, you can quote the maximum number on a certain line. In B4, you input formula: =indirect(row()-3&”!”&”F$2″ C4 =indirect(row()-3&”!”&”F$3″ F4 =indirect(row()-3&”!”&”F$4″ Then it is OK to drag down     … Read entire article »

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How to watch TV in the word

Step 1, add a media player in the Word First, please make sure that your Word version is Word 2000 or Word XP, then set up a new Word document. Select the inserting objects in the menu command bar, open the object dialog box. Select a media player, such as Windows Media Player (version 9.0) proposed or RealOne Player. If the media player is not in the list, please create new TAB, select the media player in your computer. Make sure and exit, then you can see the media player in the word. Click on it and activate it, the controlling tool box will be popped up.   Step 2, set the property of the media player Right click on the new inserted media player, select the property in the pop up menu, and … Read entire article »

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Transfer PDF into DOC

In our daily life, we often need to transfer from PDF to DOC, in the situation that you dod not install the Adobe Acrobat. Then you can use the Microsoft Office Document Imaging component in the Microsoft Office 2007 suite to realize the transfer from PDF to DOC. The detailed steps are as bellow, Step 1, print as image files Open the PDF documents in the Adobe Reader, and operate the print order in the file menu, at this time, it will pop up the printing dialog box. In general default situation, the default printer is the real printer but not virtual printer. Therefore, you need to select the “Microsoft Office Document Imaging Writer” in the drop down list. Then click on the make sure button, then you can transfer  from PDF … Read entire article »

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Animation demonstration, the application and creation of the Excel form style

In Excel 2007, there are many beautiful form style, we can easily use the form for the data. If the existed style can not meet our need, we can create the self defined form style.   The method of Application form style 1, In the work table, you can select the needed form style 2, In the TAB of start, we can select the button of style group, click on the button of “apply mechanically form type”. 3, In the pop up form styles, you can choose the style you like. 4, After confirming the data area, you have already successfully use the form style. 5, You can continue to choose other styles, or you can set the detailed parameters for the style. Create new form style If Excel can provide default form style which can’t meet your requirements, … Read entire article »

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Common problem in the word, switch insert and rewrite state

When we are editing word document, we often insert something new in the existed contents, however, when we are inputting the contents, we will change the original contents, what is the matter? If you have such situation, that means you are in the rewriting state, you should change the rewriting state into inserting state. The method is very simple, as long as you double click on the button of rewrite in the bottom state bar, then you can get into the rewrite mode. When the rewrite button is in the overstriking state, that means that you are in the rewriting mode, when the rewrite button is gray, that means that you are in the inserting mode. There is an easier method, you can directly press the Insert button on the keyboard, then you … Read entire article »

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How could we set page header and page foot

1, Page header At first, choose the right position in the document. Click on insert – separator – next page section break, you can also press the shortcut keys of Ctrl + Enter, then click on view – the header and footer in the menu bar, then close it and edit the page header, after editing, you can click on the button of showing the next option, then it will download and repeat the above operation and edit next page header. Second we also can click on the file – page Settings, then open the dialog of page setting, click on the TAB of format, in the option of page setup, you can select odd and even page different or first page different, you can get the effect.   2, Page foot After the page … Read entire article »

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The request of Office 2010 software for the disk space

Compare with Office 2007, Microsoft did not change a lot on the needs of CPU and RAM. However, most applications have more request on disk space. The majority of standard components disk space requirement increased 0.5 GB, the disk space of Office 2010 suite increased 1.0 or 1.5 GB. The reasons of Microsoft increasing disk space The Office 2010 have a lot of new features, new functions mean more codes. Even though you have installed 32 bit Office, we also have some changes on their codes to ensure that it can support 64 bit Office.   The whole range of the Office use the interface of the Ribbon, in Office 2010, you will find that all applications use the Ribbon interface.   Different suite, take Office pro as example, the Office 2007 does not include OneNote … Read entire article »

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