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How to make your word simple

1. automatic replacement hyperlink Choose the menu order of tools – automatic correct options, in the pop up inter of automatic correction, you can select the TAB of automatic using the format. Cancel the button of automatic replacement when you are pressing, you can cancel the clicking of replacing Internet and network path replace with hyperlinks . 2. the list of automatic making Numbers When you are inputting the documents, if you input the number 1 and some words, when you press enter button, the word will automatic add the number 2. The method of canceling it, in turn click on tool and automatic correct the option. Cancel the clicking under the option of automatic use the application, then cancel the check box of automatic making the number list. … Read entire article »

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In the Word 2007, how to set the title repeat

In Word 2007 , if a table need to be displayed in many pages, then it is necessary to set repeat display in the header line. Because thus every page the represented content will be clearly shown in every page. 1, open the document window in the Word 2007, select the header line in Word. Swith the form tool function to the “layout” TAB, and then click on “properties” button in the “form” in the group. 2, open “form properties dialog box, switch to” line “TAB.Select the “in the top page with a title line form repeated” in the check box and click the button of “OK”. … Read entire article »

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The new function in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Create a professional documentations Microsoft Office Word 2007 could provide edit and review tool, which make yourself easier to create beautiful documents. Reduce the time of format setting, we could spend more effort on writing New function zone is task group tool component in the interface of Office Fluent, it will present the highest frequency order before our face. 1. The TAB is designed for the task 2. In each TAB, we could divide the task into several small tasks. 3. For each command button, we could operate one option order or shoe an order menu. … Read entire article »

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Do you dare to have a try that talk on the QQ as well as reinstall the Win 7?

The original Windows 7 have been selling out as many as 400 million sets, which become the most popular operating system. However, no matter how good a system may be, it will collapse. Nit everyone can grasp the super  fussy reinstall system skills in a short time. Especially the private Win 7, because the installation files are modified, the Win 7 system download process can can be implanted into a virus, Win 7 activation is also appeared collapse again and again, in use process it also often freezes. If the user wants to reinstall Windows 7, there are very heavy tasks before, including sorting the important documents on the desktop, the most important documents in the system disks, the browser favorites, hardware driver, the software which is ready to install, procedures … Read entire article »

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A few settings to make your Windows 7 more secure

The Windows 7′s system security settings has been improved considerably than previous versions of Windows. Now, let’s know a series information of Window 7′s security setting and layout the comprehensive security perimeter for system, so you can make your Windows 7 more secure! (1) Strengthening Account Control, to create the first security checkpoint The primary safe factor for the system is our login account, password and the control permissions on the computer.The Windows7′s user password settings are more simple. The “parental control”feature adds several new features now and much richer than the previous system. With the “Pass” into the system Although the system with password is nothing obstacles for the master, but that can denied for most people and can still play a protective role. Otherwise anyone can use the computer at any … Read entire article »

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Over the past week we have seen a little bit of blogosphere activity regarding Windows 7 and batteries

Over the past week we have seen a little bit of blogosphere activity regarding Windows 7 and batteries, specifically the new Windows 7 message “Considering replacing your battery”. Since this is related to the engineering of Windows 7 we’re going to use this blog to provide an update to people. As we have talked about many times, we have a relentless focus on the quality of Windows 7 and we take seriously any reports we receive that indicate a potential problem that could result in a significant failure of the OS. In a previous post we talked about the steps we take when we receive a bug report, in particular when we start to see several reports that appear to be the same. For the past week or so we … Read entire article »

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