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Some notice in the office

1. Cancel the function of automatically replacing hyperlink Select the menu order of tool and auto correct, in the pop up interface, you can choose the TAB of automatic using the format when input. And cancel the check box of replace Internet and net path as hyperlink. 2. Cancel the checking of spelling and grammar In default, do the automatic spelling checking when you are input, and red waving lines mean the spelling problems, and green wave underline means the grammar problems. The method of canceling it should be choose the menu and option, in the pop up dialog box of option, then respectively click on the check box of “hidden in the document spelling mistakes” and “hidden grammatical errors in the document”. … Read entire article »

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How to make your word simple

1. automatic replacement hyperlink Choose the menu order of tools – automatic correct options, in the pop up inter of automatic correction, you can select the TAB of automatic using the format. Cancel the button of automatic replacement when you are pressing, you can cancel the clicking of replacing Internet and network path replace with hyperlinks . 2. the list of automatic making Numbers When you are inputting the documents, if you input the number 1 and some words, when you press enter button, the word will automatic add the number 2. The method of canceling it, in turn click on tool and automatic correct the option. Cancel the clicking under the option of automatic use the application, then cancel the check box of automatic making the number list. … Read entire article »

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In Excel, the method of batch adding hyperlink at home

You can input B4  = INDIRECT ($A4 &! “” F” & COLUMN (), then pull right and pull down. In the first table, you can build a content, you can quote several cell table content in every line. B4 = ’1′! F2, C4 = ’1′! F3, D4 = ’1′! F4… After setting up this line, how to set the following lines is as bellow, B4=’2′! F2、C4=’2′! F3、D4=’2′! F4 B4=’3′! F2、C4=’3′! F3、D4=’3′! F4 That is, after dragging down the cell table, it will automatic add the work cell table number, not the cell table number. On the basis of the above, in the same way, you can quote the maximum number on a certain line. In B4, you input formula: =indirect(row()-3&”!”&”F$2″ C4 =indirect(row()-3&”!”&”F$3″ F4 =indirect(row()-3&”!”&”F$4″ Then it is OK to drag down     … Read entire article »

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The request of Office 2010 software for the disk space

Compare with Office 2007, Microsoft did not change a lot on the needs of CPU and RAM. However, most applications have more request on disk space. The majority of standard components disk space requirement increased 0.5 GB, the disk space of Office 2010 suite increased 1.0 or 1.5 GB. The reasons of Microsoft increasing disk space The Office 2010 have a lot of new features, new functions mean more codes. Even though you have installed 32 bit Office, we also have some changes on their codes to ensure that it can support 64 bit Office.   The whole range of the Office use the interface of the Ribbon, in Office 2010, you will find that all applications use the Ribbon interface.   Different suite, take Office pro as example, the Office 2007 does not include OneNote … Read entire article »

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Play the appointed part of voice in Power Point 2007

This operation is suitable to be used to play a part of the voice instead of the whole voice document. For example, repeat play the most wonderful part in the text. The detailed operation is as bellow, (1) you can select the object of the insertion of the menu, select the button of create, in the object type, you can choose the “media editing”, then get in the media editing window. (2)you can click on the button of inserting the clip, there are three voices, CD audio and MIDI sequencer, sound (WAV), you can choose the related type according to the sound type. (3) after selecting the voice files, you can use the voice controller as available, set the pointer to the starting point of the voice, click on start selection of the controller, … Read entire article »

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In Excel, use the function of pictures annotations to display pictures by clicking

Sometimes, in order to make the concise forms which have a large amount of information. We need to add the hidden pictures for the Excel table cells. When we click on the cell table, it will  automatic display pictures, it will not display when we move away the mouse, is it very cool? In order to realize the interaction effect, we should use the function of picture annotations in the Excel.   Next, we can take making products lists as example, the detailed method of adding pictures is as bellow. Right click on the target table cell, select the “add annotations”, delete all words in the annotations box. Then move the mouse to the border of the inputting box. When the mouse is becoming a cross. You can right click on the “set … Read entire article »

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How to quickly transform the office Word document into PPT files

First, you can open the Word document, select all, implement the order of copy. Then, start the PowerPoint, select the “ordinary” view, click on the “outline” label. If you do not have the TAB of outline and slide, the display method will appear in the view menu, click on the “ordinary (restoration pane)” or in the lower left corner of the window, click on the general view button. Directly select the outline view, locate the cursor to the first slide, implement the order of the paste, then insert all the contents in the word documents into the first PPT slice. Next, according to the needs of the text, we can set the following setup, including the font, font size, color and alignment form. Then you put the cursor to the location … Read entire article »

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The office skill that your excel form can only be seen and can not be modified

If it is a private file, you set a password for it. But the form is provided for everyone to input the data or serve as a reference for everyone. Sometimes, because of someone’s carelessness. We must redo the form. You spend a lot of efforts on your resume form, but it is destroyed because of others’ carelessness. Do you get mad on it? Now, I will teach you a good way, this method will make your excel to be seen only, it can not be moved. The approach is to set these cells as read only. You can select the cell tables, right click and set the cell tables. And clear the check box of the locking protection label, then we can set the protection of the working tables. At … Read entire article »

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Why can’t we open the word in the USB flash drive?

How to transfer the file in the Word to the USB flash drive? We should have a look at the version of the word in the USB flash drive, whether it is version 2003 or version 2007/2010? Open the word document, it will prompt you to start converter software, or the version is not compatible, or some important files are missing, then you can not open them normally. If your computer installed office 2003 version, and the word in your USB flash drive is also office 2003 version, we suggest you to unload the original program to reinstall in order to solve the problem that you are unable to normally open. If you install the other version of office procedures, we suggest you to download compatible bag of 2007 office system. After … Read entire article »

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The common problems in PPT

1, Automatic demonstrate the PPT file By default, PPT file will be opened and preserved with PPT extension, only by changing its extension into PPS, then it can paly the file automatic. Later on, as long as you double click on this file, the file will be played automatic, it is very convenient. 2, PPT screen automatic become black and write When we are playing the interactive documents, we may need to hide the presentation content temporarily. So we only need to click on the key B and W, the PPT screen will become into black and white screen. When we want to cancel, we just need to click on W or B. It is very convenient to help hide the presentation content. 3, Break the limit of only canceling for 20 times When we … Read entire article »

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