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The methods of setting paragraph alignment

In Word2013, users could set the paragraph alignment by the dialog box. Method 1, open the window of Word2013, select the paragraph of setting paragraph alignment. Then in the starting function zone, in the functional areas of “paragraph”, you could click on the “left” alignment button, “center” button, “right” button, two sides alignment and scattered alignment button. Method 2, open the Word2013 document window, select the paragraph which you need to set the paragraph alignment. In the starting functional areas, click on the paragraph setting. In the opened “paragraph dialog Settings” button, click on the drop-down triangle button, and then in the “alignment” drop-down list, you could choose the appropriate alignment form. … Read entire article »

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How to quickly start Excel

Click on my computer then get into the Windows contents, you can start the “Start Menu Programs Start” according to the path, and open the start file. Open the file which Excel lie in, click on the icon of the excel and drag it the starting file. At this time, the Excel shortcut will be copied into the starting file, next you can quickly start the Excel. … Read entire article »

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How to insert the current date or time in the word quickly

Sometimes when we finish a paper, you need to insert the current date and time, and average people will realize it by choosing the menu. Actually we can insert the system data by pressing Alt + Shift + D keys, and press the Alt + Shift + T to input the current system time. … Read entire article »

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Some notice in the office

1. Cancel the function of automatically replacing hyperlink Select the menu order of tool and auto correct, in the pop up interface, you can choose the TAB of automatic using the format when input. And cancel the check box of replace Internet and net path as hyperlink. 2. Cancel the checking of spelling and grammar In default, do the automatic spelling checking when you are input, and red waving lines mean the spelling problems, and green wave underline means the grammar problems. The method of canceling it should be choose the menu and option, in the pop up dialog box of option, then respectively click on the check box of “hidden in the document spelling mistakes” and “hidden grammatical errors in the document”. … Read entire article »

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How to make your word simple

1. automatic replacement hyperlink Choose the menu order of tools – automatic correct options, in the pop up inter of automatic correction, you can select the TAB of automatic using the format. Cancel the button of automatic replacement when you are pressing, you can cancel the clicking of replacing Internet and network path replace with hyperlinks . 2. the list of automatic making Numbers When you are inputting the documents, if you input the number 1 and some words, when you press enter button, the word will automatic add the number 2. The method of canceling it, in turn click on tool and automatic correct the option. Cancel the clicking under the option of automatic use the application, then cancel the check box of automatic making the number list. … Read entire article »

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In the Word 2007, how to set the title repeat

In Word 2007 , if a table need to be displayed in many pages, then it is necessary to set repeat display in the header line. Because thus every page the represented content will be clearly shown in every page. 1, open the document window in the Word 2007, select the header line in Word. Swith the form tool function to the “layout” TAB, and then click on “properties” button in the “form” in the group. 2, open “form properties dialog box, switch to” line “TAB.Select the “in the top page with a title line form repeated” in the check box and click the button of “OK”. … Read entire article »

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Define the file list in the word 2007 by yourself

The Microsoft Office program will display several files recently opened in the program. This function in the default state is opened, because it involves the privacy problem, you close it, you can also re-open or adjust the number of files it shows . If close it, the opened files must use “open” dialog box to browse and find the file to open a document. If close this function, and then reopen it, it will list the open and save the file in this function. Please according to the following methods to custom recently used file list Click on he word 2007 document “MS Office” button in the left top corner, and then click on the “Word options”, click on the “advanced” and switch to the “advanced” TAB, in the word 2007 document “MS Office” … Read entire article »

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The new function in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Create a professional documentations Microsoft Office Word 2007 could provide edit and review tool, which make yourself easier to create beautiful documents. Reduce the time of format setting, we could spend more effort on writing New function zone is task group tool component in the interface of Office Fluent, it will present the highest frequency order before our face. 1. The TAB is designed for the task 2. In each TAB, we could divide the task into several small tasks. 3. For each command button, we could operate one option order or shoe an order menu. … Read entire article »

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Office 2007 application scenarios and skills

Know the document content directly When we are doing the changes, it is hard to tell the before contents and after contents. And in Microsoft Office Word 2007, there is a new function to compare the before and after contents. First, we can click the “review” TAB in the ribbon, then click the “compare” option and “compare” button in the group, and operate the compare order in the drop down menu, open the dialog box of comparing dialog. … Read entire article »

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How to batch set hyperlink in Excel?

When we are using Office2003, we need to set a hyperlink in it. How could we make it? use the names of macro 3.0 worktables. Press Ctrl + F3, then appear the self defined dialog box, and name it as X, and input it in the reference place. =MID(GET.WORKBOOK(1),FIND(“]”,GET.WORKBOOK(1))+1,100) Then click on Sure. … Read entire article »

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