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What is Clipboard? Clipboard is a memory space of Windows

What is Clipboard?
Clipboard is a memory space of Windows System that can be continuous and change as the store information size. It is used to store exchange information temporarily. It is built in windows, and is used to keep cut and copy information through using the internal resources of system RAM or using virtual space. The information types it can stored is various. The information cut or copied on the clipboard only can be updated or cleaned when re-cut or copy other information or power-off or withdraw from the windows or clear it on purpose. This means you only need to cut or copy once again, and then you can paste it for many times.
How to open the clipboard viewer?
When you have cut or copied some information from a procedure, this information will be moved to the clipboard and kept there until you clear the clipboard or cut or copy other information. The clipboard window of the “ClipBook Viewer” displays the content of clipboard, and you can paste the information to documents anytime you want. But, the information is only stored in clipboard temporarily.
Generally speaking, the clipboard is concealed since our purpose is not check the specific content on it but to use it paste data. Therefore, press “CTRL+C” to copy information, and then press “CRTL+V” to paste it or right click to paste!
1. open in the Windows 9X system
Click “start” → “program” →“attachment” →“system” →“clipboard check procedure”, and then open the “clipboard check window”. What displayed in the window is the content on clipboard.
2. open in the Windows XP system
① Start- →Operate-→clipbrd, and then you can open the “clipboard viewer”.
② Right-Click the desktop, choose the “shortcut” under “create”, and then bounce up the dialog; input C:/Windows/system32/clipbrd.exe into the location field; click “next” until “done”; double click the shortcut on desktop and then you can see the information on clipboard.
3. the location in the window 7
C: /WINDOWS/system32/clip

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