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The Office software and introduction

The integrated Office in for a set of standard user interface integrated the next text processing, electronic form and briefing production three application, provide customize graphics, art words, clipart, charts, and additional features such as science editor; Based on the innovation of the data object vault, patent technology, effectively resolve the application of data between Office integration, and formed a set of unique integrated Office software.

In the user interface and integrated Office and how to use it and common Office similar, easy is easy to use; Can two-way accurate compatible Microsoft Office documents, including encrypted Microsoft files, also support access web HTML and XML documents, etc, also can output to PDF file.

For integrated Office in a fully functioning, applicability, can not only satisfy the average user’s Office demand, the precise professional typesetting, powerful pivot tables and personalized custom action path, and other functions, and plenty of secondary development interface and plugin mechanisms, and can meet the professional level users needs.

The integrated Office and expanded the function of the same Office applications, developed a lot of practical innovation function, such as science and education editor, handwritten notation, distribution application, link area and in the screen help, etc.; And Chinese features, such as automatic injection pinyin, writing paper way, Jane traditional conversion, slash headers, etc.

The integrated Office can ever in Windows, Linux and Mac OS and operating system operation.

For integrated Office use in a program run multiple Office applications, is “the first real Office”.

The integrated Office after forever more of the main version of the evolution, the product function is rich, stable and reliable, can replace the imported high similar software, and have many innovation function, is a independent innovation of outstanding domestic Office software.

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